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Ministry of Marketing, an advertising agency headquartered in the heart of South Delhi, is a powerhouse of potent ideas and solutions. A company with a difference, provides a downright practical approach and focuses on enhancing the versatility of services & amenities in the advertising sector.

Established under the supervision of its CEO, Mr. Madhav Monga, Ministry of Marketing is proficient at creating TV Commercials, Corporate Films and offers several other advanced digital marketing services.

What Sets Them Apart?

The Core Team

Practiced, seasoned professionals thrive to sketch out the impetus for engaging a predetermined response in the realm of digital media, video production, brand activation, content writing, designing, social media marketing and much more..

The Brainchild

CEO at Ministry of Marketing, Mr. Madhav Monga goes with a unique encounter of functioning as the Marketing Head of a bunch of prestigious brands and production houses. Capable at showcasing credibility and known for being a high achiever, Madhav attended Masters Program in Commerce, specializing in marketing from University of New South Wales, Business School, Sydney.

The Marketing Formula

As a leading digital agency, Ministry of Marketing aspires to establish a footprint on the world through our medium. Additionally, a global reach, the wisdom in becoming the top marketing & advertising agency is desired.